Różanka is one of the oldest villages in the Kłodzko Valley. It was founded in 1358 by Otto von Glubos, the owner of Castle Szczerba which is located nearby. The village was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt a few times and experienced its best and the most prosperous period in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century. At that time Różanka became an important centre of the production and trade of canvas. The second half of the nineteenth century and the first of the twentieth century contributed to the growth of Różanka as a resort as well as a village concentrating large farms focused on food production. The church of the Assumption of the BVM built in the prosperous times (1661) is one of the most precious buildings in Różanka. Also the farm buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and the monument of St. Nepomucen from the eighteenth century are worth seeing.

The information has been collected by Mr. Piotr Kensicki’s courtesy and with his permission.


The Resort is situated in former convent buildings, where help and care for sick and poor people used to be provided by nuns in the past. The main building built in 1765 is the oldest from all three buildings. There was a chapel and flats located in that building in the past. Currently there’s a cafe, guest rooms and a reception. At the beginning of the nineteenth century (around 1815) two other buildings were built with a kitchen, a refectory, a stable and a barn (now a kitchen, dining room, ballrooms and guest rooms). The convent was closed in 1918. In the interwar period an evangelical mission for girls occupied the main building and the other buildings were taken over by a German farmer. After World War II when the Polish borders were moved to the west (Yalta Conference) the German population was displaced. Since 1945 the property was owned by a Polish man displaced from the East (province Kielce), who ran a farm there until mid-70s of the twentieth century. In 1962 one building and in 1975 a whole property together with the surrounding park and meadows (5.6 ha) was purchased by Poznan Furniture Manufacture (later Swarzędz Furniture Manufacture). In 1999 the property was purchased by its current owners – the company Różana Sp. z o.o. based in Poznan. The buildings were rebuilt several times but its original design, both external and internal, has been preserved to a great extend.

The information has been collected by Mr. Piotr Kensicki’s courtesy and with his permission.