More than thousand years of the history of Christianity in the region together with its frontier zone location have always had an indelible impact on the culture, economy, construction and architecture, both sacred and secular. Over the centuries, the area of Kłodzko Valley was under political, economic and cultural influence of sovereigns from the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Prussia and Germany. At the same time the area’s inaccessible, mountainous location allowed it to remain outside the main events and avoid many dramatic moments in the history, not spared to other surrounding regions. Therefore, today the land is rich in numerous old but well-preserved cultural sights and monuments. They are very interesting and hardly known outside Kłodzko Valley. The local magnificent nature together with well-marked hiking and biking trails are beyond any doubt highlights of the area. It’s probably impossible to mention all the places of interest.


However, we can recommend visiting the town of Międzygórze to see the waterfall Wilczki (wodospad Wilczki), Garden of Fairy Tales (Ogród Bajek) and Maria Śnieżna’s sanktuary, the town of Kłodzko with a great fortress and underground labyrinths, the town of Duszniki with the Museum of Papermaking (Muzeum Papiernictwa), the town of Bystrzyca with the Museum of Matches (Muzeum Zapałek) and the Bear Cave in Kletno (Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia).


There are also interesting and worth mentioning places in the Czech Republic. Within an hour’s drive there is an interesting and beautiful town Kraliky with Mother of God’s sanctuary (Sanktuarium Matki Bożej, so called Czech Częstochowa”), Military Museum (Muzeum Militariów) and Bouda Fortress (Twierdza Bouda), a system of bunkers from the Second World War, preserved in an excellent condition.


Also great cities with a memorable character such as Vienna, Prague, Pardubice, Hradec Kralove, Wrocław, Brno are within one-day’s car trip.